Puraneguma Programme


Preparation of 60 Town Plans by National Physical Planning Department  under the Puranaguma Programme initiated by Ministry of the Local Government & Provincial Councils.

The following components are expected to be implemented under the project

1. Improvement of local government infrastructure and service delivery in effective manner

2. Local government policy reform and capacity building support for institutionalization of new systems in simplified taxation, licensing and transparent approval systems while updating the capacities of local goverments to manage these systems

3. Project management and administration support

Accordingly the following specific interventions are expected to be carried out under the project

1. Provision of capital grants for about 100 selected local authorities for the implementation of eligible sub projects such as water supply and sanitation, drainage, solid waste management, roads and bridges improvements, maternity and health carecentres, public market(pola) and other local authority infrastructure facilities.

2. Supporting the improvement of information systems in local authorities. This includes updation and computerizing databases of rates, taxes and licenses, developing the financial accounting and asset management systems.

3.Institutionalization of new systems in simplified taxation, licesing and transparent approval system while updating the capabilities of local governments to manage these systems


List of Towns