The booking will be made after faxing the correctly filled cash deposit slip by the applicant (cheques will not be accepted) giving the following details to the head office at Battaramulla.

  • Bank: Bank of Ceylon
  • Branch: Battaramulla
  • Account No: 7042731
  • Account holder’s name and address: Director General, National Physical Planning Department
  • Depositor’s name and address: Should be written clearly on the cash deposit slip
  • Depositors’ NIC Number

Fax No. of the National Physical Planning Department - 011 2872061

Contact number  - 0112077180

It is mandatory to include the NIC No. of the applicant on the cash deposit slip.

Before obtaining lodging facilities, the booking application of the circuit bungalow/ Pulathisi Rest and the original of the cash deposit slip should be handed over to the caretaker of the relevant location. Further, the name in the cash deposit slip and the name of the applicant in the application form should be of the same person.