Hon. Prasanna Ranatunga
 Minister of Urban   Development   and  Housing  



   Hon. Thenuka Vidanagamage
  State Minister of Urban Development and Housing

11  Hon. Arundika Fernando
 State Minister of Urban Development and Housing



Mr. W.S. Sathyananda
 Ministry of Urban Development and Housing







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The Anuradhapura Conservation Ordinance, established in 1942, can be considered as the first legal cover presented for the preparation and implementation of plans for any identified area within Sri Lanka; it is probably the first legislation to protect a historic site in the world. Architect/Planner Oliver Weerasinghe who was entrusted with the preparation of the Preservation Plan was appointed as the first Government Town Planner in the Department of Town and Country Planning that was established by the Town and Country Planning Ordinance No. 13 of 1946

history01The first task of the department was to finalize the Anuradhapura Preservation Plan. The Plan consisted of two parts, the Sacred Area and the New Town.

Other Plans made at the early stage was

  • Colombo Master Plan (with Patrick Abercrombie)
  • Polonnaruwa New Town Plan
  • Kandy Regional Plan covering Peradeniya University area.


It is worth mentioning here that the government allocated Rs. 170 million in 1986 for the Anuradhapura Sacred Area Plan. The allocation which was given up to the year 2002 was used to resettle about 1500 families who were living in the sacred city in a settlement called Devanampiyatissapura. Accordingly, the area called Kurunegala Junction was completely cleared for Sacred City activities.In addition, plans were prepared and implemented for Mahiyanganaya, Dambulla, Kataragama, Seruwawila, Devinuwara, Kelaniya, Muthiyanganaya, Tholuwila, Munneshwaram and other sacred areas.

This Ordinance also empowered the Department to declare or assist in the designation of any area as an Urban Development Area.

Accordingly, town planning was carried out throughout the country, not only in the cities around the sacred areas, but also in schemes such as the Maligawatta Housing Scheme and for the community buildings required for small towns.

history05 history06


In 1972, the government instructed the Department to prepare a plan for Colombo and its suburbs using UNDP assistance. Accordingly, a special Division called Colombo Master Plan was established in the department. The Urban Development Authority was established in 1978 to implement the above plan prepared by the Department. In addition to Colombo, all Municipal Councils and Urban Councils were declared by the Urban Development Authority and some areas outside those were declared as urban development areas. 

Accordingly, the role of the Department from 1980 to 2000 was confined to the following

  • To provide necessary instructions for the preparation and implementation of town plans and building plans for small towns not declared by the Urban Development Authority.
  • Planning, construction and supervision of Gamudawa exhibition grounds
  • Preparation of Sacred City Plans and implementation of those plans with the financial assistance provided by the Government.

As per the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force appointed on Housing and Urban Development, the Town and Country Planning Ordinance was amended in 2000 to allow the Government to formulate a National Physical Plan as the Government understood the significance of formulation of a National Physical Plan.

The 1946 Ordinance included a clause that required the formulation of a National Land Use Policy to cover the whole country, but the provisions of the 2000 Act were enacted to provide for a legal process for the formulation of National Physical Plans. However, most of the other functions of the Ordinance remain intact. The biggest work the Department has done since 2000 is to prepare the National Physical Plan (2007) and a revision thereof (2019) In addition to that several Regional Physical Plans and many Local Physical Plans were prepared.


Director General


Mr. Gamini Hewage
Director General


Additional Director Generals

Additional Director General (Planning)
Eng. Mr. C.Kularathne
Additional Director General (Implementation) (Actg.)




Ms. R. M. Darshana Ranasinghe
Director (Administration)


dir fin
Ms. A.L.D.Kumari

Director (Finance)
adg Eng. Mr. C.Kularathne
Director (Engineering)
dir arch Archt. Mr. Thilak Rathnayeke
Director (Architecture)
cia Ms. Sujani Yasarathna
Chief Internal Auditor
none Director (Research)
none Director (Regional planning) none Director (Local planning)
none Director Coordination and Regulatory    

Deputy / Assistant Directors

Mrs K A BA D S D Ramya


Ms. K. B. A. D. S. De Ramya
Deputy Director(Finance)


Archt.Gihan Chandrathilake Archt. Mr. Gihan Chandrathilake
Deputy Director(Architecture)


Ms.W.N.Shiromi Perera
Legal Officer

ad priyani Archt. Ms. Priyani Athuraliya
Assistant Director(Architecture)
assi dir eng Eng. Ms. Dimali Rathnayaka
Assistant Director(Engineering)
lahiru Eng. Mr. M.M.L. Pemachandra
Assistant Director (Engineering)
 Ms. H. M. Viraji
Assistant Director (Administration)
ad apsara Ms. M.G.A.S Ranasinghe
Assistant Director (C.U)/ Chief Inspector (SLTS Supra)
ad sumith Plnr.(Dr.) Mr. D.S.N.Samaratunge
Assistant Director(C.U)

Planning Team

plnr nilika
Plnr. Ms. A.P.N.Nalika Batuwaththe

Plnr. Ms. A.U.Jayawardhane
Ms. Ajantha Dissanayake Plnr. Ms. B.C.K.Wickramasinghe
plnr chathurangani Ms.Chathuranganie Amarasekara ad sumith Plnr.(Dr.) Mr. D.S.N.Samaratunge
neel Mr. G.M.N.S.Gajanayake chamila Plnr. Ms. H.L.Chamila
janitha Plnr. Ms. J.R.W.Ponnamperuma plnr jayanayake Plnr. Ms. K.A.I.T.Jayanayake
plnr shanika Plnr. Ms. L.H Shanika Dilhani  plnr upesha  Plnr. Ms. Upekha.D.Kottege
plnr lasantha Plnr. Mr. W.L.R. Amarathunge plnr gayani Plnr. Ms. M.D.G.M. Siriwardhana
Ms. Madavi Panditharathne plnr nawodya Plnr. Ms. N.M.N.G.Nawarathne
plnr nilani Plnr. Ms. Nilani Edirisinghe plnr nuwanthi Plnr. Ms. Nuwanthika Ranaweera
Plnr. Ms. P.M.K.R.Aberathna Plnr. Ms. R.M.Anusha Kusum
Plnr. Ms. R.M.N.M.Rajapaksha  plnr thushani Plnr. Ms. Witharana Thushani
plnr sonali Plnr. Ms. U.L.D.Sonali Dilanka    

Other Staff

Ms. L.K.Niroshinie
Administrative Officer (Atg.) MSO
Ms.D.V. H. Dissanayake
Information and Communication Technology Officer
ajantha Ms.G.H.E.M.A.Molagoda
Drawing Office Administrator
(Sri Lanka Technical Service)
(Sri Lanka Technical Service – Class I)
Ms. A.G.Renuka Kumari
(Sri Lanka Technical Service – Class I)
Ms. K.D.H.Dhammika Nayana De Silva
(Sri Lanka Technical Service – Class I)
Ms. Bojanie Kamburawala
(Sri Lanka Technical Service – Class I)
dilan Mr. K.L.D.R.I.Dilhan
(Sri Lanka Technical Service)
Ms. S.H.Pathumsa Lakmali
alwis Ms.A.R.K. Alwis


Mr. R.A.D.C.De Alwis
Inspector (SLTS)

 IMG 20230601 WA0002


Ms. N. L. Wickramarathne
Inspector (SLTS)

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The National Physical Planning Department (NPPD) is the successor to the Town and Country Planning Department, which was established under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Ordinance No.13 of 1946. The amendment to the Ordinance by Act No.49 of 2000 amplified the scope of the provision in the original enactment to formulate a National Physical Planning Policy and prepare the National Physical Plan. The change of the title of the Department came in this light. Since the year 2000 the main activities of the Department revolved around the National Level Planning and the Regional and Local Level Plans based on the National Physical Plan. The Department also continued with the residual activities of the former Town and Country Planning Department particularly in Sacred Area Planning and development activities.

An analysis of the Act read in conjunction with the Urban Development Authority Law (amendment of 2000) indicates that the Department is accountable for the planning of the whole country at National, Regional and Local levels whereas it is directly responsible for "Physical Planning' at National Level. It is also responsible to arrange planning at regional level (through the Regional Planning Committees) and local level (through Chairmen of Local Authorities and the Urban Development Authority).


Leader in Planned, Sustained and Adored land


To formulate national physical policies, plans and strategies and to ensure and monitor the implementation of such national policies and plans through regional and local plans with the object of promoting and regulating integrated planning of economic, social, physical and environmental aspects of land and territorial waters  of Sri Lanka.


  • To formulate a National Physical Planning Policy
  • To prepare a National Physical Plan
  • To prepare Physical Planning Guidelines to be adopted by the Regional or Local Physical Planning Authorities.
  • To prepare any Regional or Local Physical Plan where the Regional or Local Planning Authority fails in, or on requests.
  • To assist Provincial Councils in the preparation of Regional Physical Plans
  • To make recommendations to the Inter Ministerial Coordinating Committee on Physical Plans
  • To review and examine, periodically the National Physical Planning Policy, Plan and the Strategies in Operation
  • To monitor the implementation of the National Physical Plan
  • To assist the Council and the Inter Ministerial Coordinating Committee in all activities

The following are the six key tasks that the Department is obliged to engage as per the provisions of the Act, and have become timely engagements:

  • Amendments to the National Physical Planning Policy and the Plan
  • Amendment and the Preparation of Regional / Provincial Physical Plans
  • Updating, Preparation and Implementation of Plans for Small Towns
  • Preparation and Implementation of Development Plans for areas that are of National Significance
  • Updating and Implementation of Development Plans for Sacred Areas
  • Technical Assistance for Physical Developments of Religious Places and Institutions